In Conjunction With The Time of Immortals

What a lifetime of rhythm

This is an expression of passion

Beads of molecules

Pour into the faucet as a man resets

Dreaming of the real thing

Its always best the first time

Work in progress

Nothing is ever finished

Always moving


No oaths

No promises

I will bang the hottest chick at the show if she is willing

Frequent discussions about the in coherant

Willingness to say

Ideals populate on the brink of the forgotten

No one remembers thy poet or thy poem

Sink into the jazz

But not through

Got off that blues crazy train

Now I am in the station of my own conscience

Feeling desire

So lets rejoice



To share with man kind


Cold ice in fashion

Rocket Ship

Rocket Ship

One New England night, my cousin, German Shepherd, and I went for a stroll through the raging blizzard and stopped in front of an all-women’s college dorm to erect this giant snow sculpture.
A pair of adventurous girls passed our winter workshop en route back to their home base. One asked, “Is that a rocket ship??”
Yes. Yes, that is a rocket ship.