Why hello there. Let me introduce myself.


The world is ancient and cool.

In a cascade of waterfalls with-in the valley I feel the vibe of the jungle.

Too much is too much but, not enough is the same.

I wonder what comes first the equilibrium or the Void.

Many people on this journey have cited a remark to find themselves.

When do you actually lose yourself?

And if it is true that you can lose yourself do you become numb?

Just allow the grasp of reality to wander off without your conscience acknowledging the world

with-in the world you pretend to know?

Good Vibes.


Holy Nimbus.

There I was in the center of a double lightning storm with the proper amount of fungus to keep me company.

Soothed by shades of green continuous.

I was on the mountain top and the clouds overflowed like a cup of hot water steaming into nothingness.

© 2014 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Why hello there. Let me introduce myself.

    • Clark Kent is to Superman


      Jfreshly is to Lord Zorgon Slayer of Beats.

      One of my favorite things about creative writing is interpretation.

      To be honest when I wrote that line I never thought anyone could possibly figure out what my true intentions were.

      On my back I had a SolarMonkey Adventurer which I used to charge my Nintendo DS.

      Which of course was used to play Toe Jam and Earl throughout my journey.

      Kudos to you for figuring that out.

      You never cease to amaze me.

      (Insert smiley face emoticon here)

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