Hidden Babylon


Adam and Eve and an evil tree

There goes Johnny demon seed

Depending on which stories you believe

Had a psychiatrist who read comic books all day

Told me I had more levels than Jean Grey

I’d like to tell you I’m Xavier

But I don’t see what difference it would make

Guess it’s safe to say

I don’t believe in superheroes these days

Where did all the good thoughts go?

Confrontation with a man in a yellow sombrero

Apparently, his monkey George was curious

Sojourned through a psyche and was lost in the flats of consciousness

George’s creativity guided him through a maze of salt

He carved a new path

Everything he touched melted away into a brine

Taste of sodium in the back of a throat

A Resonating feeling of carrying the world had been lifted

Good thing we have apples to wash away the taste of Babylon

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