Tainted Sanctuary

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Urban hunter has entered a sanctuary

Formidable cybernetic organism

Unable to decipher friend from foe

Sojourned this valley for many sun and moon

For I am kindred with these creatures of the forest

Countless endeavors in their homeland

Scent is a calling card

Known through the herd

Staring contest with a doe full of dread

A murderer is at large

Faceless Butcher

For this wanderer is surely lost

Seeking his vengeance to wreak havoc


 Black birds watch over the deceased as mechanized insects perform the task of carcass reaping

Leaving only the skeleton to remind the vivacious of the lurking terror

Acknowledgement of a vicious crime

Crazed psychosis

Hunter becomes the hunted

Walk in tribal unison

Mimic the Indian

Dance in obscurity

Stalking ever so mindful

The gloom of my existence will be the last vision he would endure.

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While hiking in the woods with my dog I came across this deer carcass with a gun shot wound to the back of a its head left to be ravaged by the decay of natural order.  Its not my place to tell you whether or not to hunt.  I would just ask that you do so responsibly and for sustenance if need be.