New Evidence Shows That Early Man Was All About Hotboxing Their Caves

Huh. That’s something else. Archaeologists working in the Hindu Kush mountain range have unearthed 120,000 year old evidence that early man used cannabis. The team from Quad-i-Azam University in Pakistan discovered the cave, which contained Indica seeds and various other objects.

They also discovered resin inside of a jar, indicating that these people may not have been too different from us. We like hotboxing cars or small rooms, and they were all about hot boxing their caves apparently.

This is the oldest known instance of humans using cannabis to get high, but hemp has been used for thousands of years. Archaeologists have discovered 10,000 year old pottery with hemp rope inside, and it’s now believed that hemp could have been one of the first crops grown during the agricultural revolution.

When you think about how long we’ve utilized the plant for medicine, food, materials and recreation, it makes it seem so much sillier for us to be banning it. Don’t you think?

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