A True Yankees Fan

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Apparently, fashioning the sticker on the brim of a hat has been a fad since the 80’s.  It all started with leaving tags on popular items from companies such as Nike, Starter, Adidas, Reebok, so on and so forth.  I’m a die hard Baltimore Orioles fan so when I saw my co-worker wearing a Yankees hat with the sticker on the brim it led to this conversation.

Jfreshly: Sup Matheno nice hat bro

Matheno: Thanks man!

Jfreshly: Hey Matheno I’ve been meaning to ask you something.

Matheno:  Yeah?

Jfreshly:  Well, I was wondering what the reason is for leaving the sticker on the brim of the hat.  Is it because you plan on returning it after the season the Yankees just had?

Matheno:  Laughingly he says, “yeah man you got me.”


After lunch I was parlaying cognitive NFL knowledge into fan duel lineups when Matheno swaggered back into the office.  The Co-workers and I were no longer blinded by sticker glare emanating from the brim of the evil empire’s cap.  His fandom became quite evident.  I could feel the pride in his cissy strut (insert Meters reference here) as he entered his workstation.

photo (12)

Matheno and I are pretty tight so its all in good fun.  I did crack up quite a bit when he rolled back in to the office after he removed the sticker from the brim.

While writing this blog post I did a bit of research and found this tidbit on Wikipedia, “After beginning play in Baltimore, Maryland as the Baltimore Orioles in 1901, the club moved to New York two years later and became the Highlanders; in 1913, the team changed its nickname to the Yankees.”  So basically we are baseball brothers from another mother!

He could have brought up how the Yankees have won 18 division titles, 40 AL pennants, and 27 World Series championships, all of which are Major League Baseball records.   Instead he removed the sticker to let me know he took his team seriously and I respect that. He knew I was ecstatic that the Orioles had won the division pennant after a 17 year drought.   I guess he will wear that brim like a badge of honor.  It’s more enjoyable to joke with him about the sticker water mark anyways.  🙂


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