Big Brother is Watching


Apparently there is a new chat feature available.  Where a staff member from can create a chat window and start dialog.  On Thursday this chat function appeared as I was perusing WordPress for brain science theory (reading material).  Here is the conversation that ensued.

It all started with a question mark.

Below is the transcript from your recent chat with
jfreshly ?
Jason – Hi there!
Jason – How can I help?
jfreshly It’s too late for that.
jfreshly How did this chat pop up?
Jason – The chat is based on operator availability. We are trying to expand our availability to cover more users in more timezones.
jfreshly Ohh.  Well that’s cool.
Jason – Thanks!
jfreshly Can I chat with other bloggers?
jfreshly Or is this more of a help icon.
Jason – Just for support for now.
Jason – You can add a chat widget to your site if you would like.
jfreshly Cool.  Ill have to look into that.
Jason – Anything else I can help you with?
jfreshly Have any cute Asians lying around that like long hugs and funny cat Gifs?
Jason – Bwahahahaha
Jason – That’s fantastic.
Jason – Have a great rest of your night man.
jfreshly Thanks! You as well.

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