Peanut Butter Masquerade

*Alert*  If you’re not completely comfortable with your sexuality DO NOT.  I REPEAT.  Do not proceed with this post.

This is a freestyle to a beat in collaboration.



Here is the original beat.

I’ve posted it here to help celebrate the potential of your fabulous freestyle career.

This is your chance to spit

Flow lyrically

Allow yourself to laugh at yourself

Speak in a foreign tongue

Sponsored by Webster’s


Nutty JIF

Spread on mounds of venus

Thai Peanut Sauce

Poured over privates

In the pursuit of getting laid

Closet door conceals a hunger

That can’t be ignored

Claws delve

Flood gates lift

The republic of labia

Is open for business

Cat like reflexes

Kitty Meows

She moans

As a sandpaper tounge

Grips lips

Stop and pop

The pink love cave


It’s amazing how women’s nakedness effects us

Peanut Butter Masquerade

Peanut Butter Masquerade

Mutha Fuka What

Peanut Butter Masquerade

Peanut Butter Masquerade

Mutha Fuka What

The things you do for the good love

The most important sex organ

Is the brain

In this madness

She’s got me throbbing

Indian style

Basking in the glow of a candle

Covered in flame

Fiery red against skin


Surrounded by wax

Eye witness to the scandal

Holding my Walter Conkrite

In a moment of monstrosity

Staring into crazy Asian eyes

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