White Flag


Brother Alias, “I need you to take a photo of the front of your license and send it to me for Comcast.”

Response courtesy of Jfreshly (yours truly)

In this world there is a constant battle between two sides.

One side is symbolized by the egg.

Then there is the side that aligns with the snake.

I can’t recall which side I’m fighting for.

But, what I do know is there is a point where you put down your guns, dispose of the bullets, and put up the white flag.

Today is that day.

You will get your picture with my license sent to you accordingly in a timely matter.

Be sure to tell those suckers at Comcast I no longer want to use their services.

Because they suck eggs not to be confused with actually being an egg of course which would be an entirely different awkward text message.

They can just suck them but not actually be them.

Which is the point I was trying to make coherently obvious.

This message was sent to you by the man with opposable thumbs.

(I’m listening to Jazz please don’t call the looney bin)

Sincerely your brother on this day of our lord.

© 2014 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​

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