Jelly and Peanut Butter Sandwiches




This peanut butter be jiggly



This jelly be jiggly

In between two pieces of whole wheat bread

Devoured deliciously

© 2014 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​


Iggly (のりまき, Norimaki) is a jock penguin villager. As a jock villager, he will appear friendly and competitive towards the player. His English name is based on the word “igloo”, and his catchphrase is based on “waddling”, the way that penguins walk. His Japanese name refers to a type of sushi, which may or may not contain fish, as well as the common Japanese name, “Noriaki.” He debuts in Animal Crossing: City Folk, and reappears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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