CHAT: Bogarden3

3:33 PM sofaknight:(The Flavor Flav of MTGO)  AKA The 8-4 Thrilla draft godzilla.

 CHAT : Bogarden3

Bring the people


I’m Bogarden3 bitches cause I took out Bogarden1.

I’m the Max Payne of Hammers.

Merlin is my butler.

Hellkites make me laugh.

Atarka and I go way back.

The baddest cat

Took Nicol Bolas’s daughter out to prom.

Taught her all about dragon Pro-Recreation.

Mad Status

Board state crashes

I hold all the cards run all the gigs.

Dragon gigs of course.

Dromar hates it when we make him dress up like Santa Clause during Christmas.

Yo, drop the beat.

Yo, my puff be strong.



If you have made it this far then congratulations are in order.  Let me welcome you to the magical land.  Where the legend of the five orbs flows freely.  When going into an event as a spectator its always important to remember to hype up your friends.  Especially when the gatherings are magical.

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