CHAT: Bogarden3

3:33 PM sofaknight:(The Flavor Flav of MTGO)  AKA The 8-4 Thrilla draft godzilla.

 CHAT : Bogarden3

Bring the people


I’m Bogarden3 bitches cause I took out Bogarden1.

I’m the Max Payne of Hammers.

Merlin is my butler.

Hellkites make me laugh.

Atarka and I go way back.

The baddest cat

Took Nicol Bolas’s daughter out to prom.

Taught her all about dragon Pro-Recreation.

Mad Status

Board state crashes

I hold all the cards run all the gigs.

Dragon gigs of course.

Dromar hates it when we make him dress up like Santa Clause during Christmas.

Yo, drop the beat.

Yo, my puff be strong.



If you have made it this far then congratulations are in order.  Let me welcome you to the magical land.  Where the legend of the five orbs flows freely.  When going into an event as a spectator its always important to remember to hype up your friends.  Especially when the gatherings are magical.

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6 thoughts on “CHAT: Bogarden3

  1. yeah, had to bury Bogarden1, but Bogarden2 is still on the loose, just like my play
    need to tighten it up
    it’s all about the gang-affiliated hype
    seeking the treasure with the rest of the brethren
    bound for the Lonestar state to participate in the Origin of the masses
    and rise from the ashes
    a glowing bird

    • Just got an address for Bogarden2. Rendezvous at the land of lakes. If my memory serves correctly there will be attractive Indian women offering butter. I’ll make sure to bring dough for biscuits. As for Bogarden2. Level 2 protocol is in order. I have initiated Voltron Strike Force Activate on Bogarden2. I did not want to be the one to break this too you. They are holding the entire Welches Grape Jelly plant hostage. I’m not sure how it leaked sir. But, they have got the jelly.

  2. we must convene with the five orbs to summon the most dastardly of butter dragons to spit flames of canola upon the planeswalker they call Bogarden2…

    this just in: a merfolk from Welch’s has tapped out a signal to our Ghitu encampment. It appears that Bogarden2 was cloned by a devious Vesuvian – shapeshifting with the blood moon … howling beyond lung capacity until he went berserk… only to be miraculously recovered – stronger than ever, poured on popcorn like primordial ooze … devoured in an eyeblight massacre by an army of 400 deep shadow elves… I don’t know how they were able to get this signal out, but I can only assume it was in a fog… we must prepare our Voltron forces to strike before the fog wears off and darkness sets in… are you with me?

    • I hear you loud and clear sir. We’re fighting tooth and nail down here and were almost out of fuel. That Zuran Orb we stole from the trinket mage has left our supplies completely depleted. It got us through the worst of times converting all that sour jelly from the great Welch’s siege into a usable food recourse. Now I fear we must strike based on your counter intelligence . How you were able to delve through the enemy’s Intel to dig through the time tables was next to a miracle. As for the Elves of the Deep Shadow your numbers were a bit off. It was over 4,000 but they have been dealt with. Get two birds stoned at once is the saying here at Modern Linguistics: legend of the five orbs portal. We once again called upon Eledamri to allow us to use his legions of Birchlore Rangers to tap down the Elves of the Deep Shadow. (Bow Chicka Bow Wow…Bow Chicka Bow Wow indeed) Those Bircholore Rangers have always been effective for us this time the results were concise and victorious. All that tapping left the Vesuvian Shapeshifter completely depleted and when he called upon the trinket mage to gather his Zuran Orb…Well I think you don’t need me to paint that picture for you. Lets just say its safe to say he won’t be doing any mo trinkering soon yo. The time is now to Voltron Strike Force Activate. To finally rid us of this cowardly Bogarden2 that has thus far slipped through the grasp of the legion of the five orbs. May your prayers with we us and your calculations accurate. For we strike at your word of command.

      • A CARRIER PIGEON HAS ARRIVED CARRYING A MERCHANT SCROLL. It’s written in blood! Please sofaknight – please decode this omen before the force of veil descend upon our city of brass…

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