Mad Hatter


It was somewhere in-between The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Lucile Ball Show when the LSD began kicking in

The television had been wide asleep since its conception

A ghost in the shell

Levitation is mesmerizing

Poltergeists play for keeps

These floating ghosts sure are a hungry bunch

Hacked into the old-school A & P commercials

And are now balls deep in the marshmallows on isle 6

The scheduled program is now the feature

Lucy’s ginger glory is up in smoke

The idea of vapor is emanating from the television

Eyes are popping out of the socket

As a young girl is encompassed by the invisible smog

What a long and crazy trip its been.

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Bogarden2 vs Bogarden3 AN EPIC CONFRONTATION


I wanted to give some love to my good friend at French Tree (markeliotwrites).  On a blog post “CHAT: Bogarden3” we have had a very fun and interesting comment chain.  I wanted to share as a blog post because I rather enjoyed it and this blog “Modern Linguistics” is all about sharing creativity.  If you don’t play Magic: The Gathering or never have then this may seem a bit foreign to you.  Never the less you should enjoy it!  Feel free to continue with the epic battle in the comment section!  We’re closing in on Bogarden2 its only a matter of time!  If you’re interested in getting caught up on what is going on here is the link to the original post.

Key: Bogarden3 and or French Tree’s parts are in Bold.  Sofaknight and or Jfreshly’s part is italicized.

Yeah, had to bury Bogarden1
But Bogarden2 is still on the loose
Just like my play
Need to tighten it up
It’s all about the gang-affiliated hype
Seeking the treasure with the rest of the brethren
Bound for the Lonestar state to participate in the origin of the masses
And rise from the ashes
A glowing bird

Just got an address for Bogarden2. Rendezvous at the land of lakes. If my memory serves correctly there will be attractive Indian women offering butter. I’ll make sure to bring dough for biscuits. As for Bogarden2: level 2 protocol is in order. I have initiated Voltron Strike Force Activate on Bogarden2. I did not want to be the one to break this too you. They are holding the entire Welch’s Grape Jelly plant hostage. I’m not sure how it leaked sir. But, they have got the jelly.

We must convene with the five orbs to summon the most dastardly of butter dragons to spit flames of canola upon the planeswalker they call Bogarden2…

This just in: a merfolk from Welch’s has tapped out a signal to our Ghitu encampment. It appears that Bogarden2 was cloned by a devious Vesuvian – shapeshifting with the blood moon … Howling beyond lung capacity until he went berserk… Only to be miraculously recovered – stronger than ever, poured on popcorn like primordial ooze … Devoured in an eyeblight massacre by an army of 400 deep shadow elves… I don’t know how they were able to get this signal out, but I can only assume it was in a fog… We must prepare our Voltron forces to strike before the fog wears off and darkness sets in… Are you with me?

I hear you loud and clear sir. We’re fighting tooth and nail down here and were almost out of mana. That Zuran Orb we stole from the trinket mage has left our supplies completely depleted. It got us through the worst of times converting all that sour jelly from the great Welch’s siege into a usable food resource. Now I fear we must strike based on your counter intelligence . How you were able to delve through the enemy’s Intel to dig through the time tables was next to a miracle. As for the Elves of the Deep Shadow your numbers were a bit off. It was over 4,000 but they have been dealt with. Get two birds stoned at once is the saying here at Modern Linguistics: legend of the five orbs portal. We once again called upon Eladamri to allow us to use his legions of Birchlore Rangers to tap down the Elves of the Deep Shadow. (Bow Chicka Bow Wow…Bow Chicka Bow Wow indeed) those Bircholore Rangers have always been effective for us this time the results were concise and victorious. All that tapping left the Vesuvian Shapeshifter completely depleted and when he called upon the trinket mage to gather his Zuran Orb…Well I think you don’t need me to paint that picture for you. Lets just say its safe to say he won’t be doing any mo tinkering soon yo. The time is now to Voltron Strike Force Activate. To finally rid us of this cowardly Bogarden2 that has thus far slipped through the grasp of the legion of the five orbs. May your prayers be with we us and your calculations accurate. For we strike at your word of command.

A CARRIER PIGEON HAS ARRIVED CARRYING A MERCHANT SCROLL. It’s written in blood! Please sofaknight – please decode this omen before the force of veil descend upon our city of brass…

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What did I ever see in you?

What did I ever see in you?

We could have been so unhappy together

As singles circled us like sharks

Looking to pick us apart

I can still remember you on your knees


Wondering what it was all for



Faucet of the cortex


We say the dumbest things

Since those days

Anguish and a dark road

I close my eyes to hide from this nightmare




Become everyday occurrences

How could you have known

I’d become broken against the rocks

As waves of your memories crashed upon me

On the book of many faces

I try to look away

Mutual acquaintances

A highlighted name

Why did you have to click that thumbs up icon

Why can’t I just forget…

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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

I have so many songs to sing for you.

I have so many soft kisses for your cheeks.

I want to melt into your chest as you caress my back.

Hold you tightly for no other purpose then to feel your warmth.

To comfort you.

My loins are on fire for you.

My heart beats for you.

I walk slowly behind you in my dreams

So I can watch as you walk away in your favorite jeans.

You’re the cup of wine I want to drink.

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He was a savior
When he passed
The people of this land
Became poor in some aspects
He gave his life, his knowledge, and his ambient thoughts
To create an exodus
Contrived of the demons of man
In a time before currency
In a world before
The word destitute
Had come to fruition.
B.C. (Before Hey Zeus!)
Entwined in the dark matter
Karma had been laced
A.C. (After Hey Zeus!)
Brewed thoughts of humanity
Transparency is key
Well noted by Sir Isaac
With every action
There is always opposed an equal reaction
Thus if you are
Kind, just, and willing to show compassion
Able to share inner properties
Then lucrative energy
Will shower your soul

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Across America

Cookie cutter shells

Economic prosperity must prevail

A road trip across the country to any metropolis

Claims of Best Buys

Double arches of mediocrity

On every corner in every city

Bucks can buy stars that will keep you caffeinated for the duration of this century

Regurgitated chains to enrich our lives

Once you take in the surroundings close your eyes

Only to realize the emotions are quite visceral

That you could travel such a far distance

And end up in exactly the same place where you started

The American Dream

Convoluted ecstasy

They march like ants

Chemically bound to this fate

They hunt for dead presidents in a futile attempt for freedom

Only to bathe in stress throughout the duration

Highway signs blend into the horizon

Land marks of familiarity

jà vu

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Zansabar: Transcendence


Momentum is gradual

Thought process is lateral

Mother Earth in the spiral




Evolutionary station

Once the brainwaves activate to full potential


Billions of years in the making


Re-assemble the plane of our original existence

Backdrop of the universe once streaked in bright light

Compact black hole suns glow in the night

Contrast against the origin landscape

The scientist

The creator

The transcendent

Wait with baited breath

As their advance mathematics are put to the test


Calculations of concise geometric

To regain our homeland

That exploded into galactic bits

Before the bang was big

The intelligent put theory to action

Primal clay on a floating rock

An attempt to save the essence of cognitive thought.

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