Across America

Cookie cutter shells

Economic prosperity must prevail

A road trip across the country to any metropolis

Claims of Best Buys

Double arches of mediocrity

On every corner in every city

Bucks can buy stars that will keep you caffeinated for the duration of this century

Regurgitated chains to enrich our lives

Once you take in the surroundings close your eyes

Only to realize the emotions are quite visceral

That you could travel such a far distance

And end up in exactly the same place where you started

The American Dream

Convoluted ecstasy

They march like ants

Chemically bound to this fate

They hunt for dead presidents in a futile attempt for freedom

Only to bathe in stress throughout the duration

Highway signs blend into the horizon

Land marks of familiarity

jà vu

© 2014 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​

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