What did I ever see in you?

What did I ever see in you?

We could have been so unhappy together

As singles circled us like sharks

Looking to pick us apart

I can still remember you on your knees


Wondering what it was all for



Faucet of the cortex


We say the dumbest things

Since those days

Anguish and a dark road

I close my eyes to hide from this nightmare




Become everyday occurrences

How could you have known

I’d become broken against the rocks

As waves of your memories crashed upon me

On the book of many faces

I try to look away

Mutual acquaintances

A highlighted name

Why did you have to click that thumbs up icon

Why can’t I just forget…

© 2014 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​

4 thoughts on “What did I ever see in you?

    • She has decided to create a multitude of online dating profiles in the attempt to find another suitor. It’s alright though cause I got to keep the poetry!!!

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