The Regurgitation of Words


The walls of my mind are caving in

Claustrophobia is setting in

As instrumental beats are played in the streets

We walk in unison with the swagger

To spit hot jelly out of the thin air

Alphabetic anonymous

Randomness hypotheses

Merchant scrolls delivered by

Flying hippopotamus (Better known as the Phelddagrif)

Thee memoirs of dreams

Resemble stardust


Into the prospects of the future

Sudden vertigo

A cold sweat

Awaken to a grip of claimed pennies

Earned throughout the duration of the realness

Thrown into the fountain of many wishes

On a whim of seduction

I dream of genies but seek words with meaning

Hope is a powerful thing.

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Breathe into the bar

Could you please pass the chronic?

Would you like to hear Shakespeare on hydroponics?


Its Donnie Darkoisms

Mind power shared

Energy and Fate

Moments like these we share

Metaphysical handshakes.

Boys and girls have the same habits

of going to the bar and looking for Jessica Rabbit.

What goes up must come down

She yells

Moments like these we make Sir Isaac Proud.

Do you feel like dancing?

A bit of Rhythm Romancing?

There is something about her eyes that is so enchanting.

Its all I have ever loved,

All I have ever known,

All I have ever wanted,

All I have condoned.

I was split from the rift.

Freed from the real.

To come to find out this world is all about sex appeal.

I never went for the women in high heels.

Its the Jeaninne Garafolo’s

and on my tombstone


It took laughter to heal this soul.

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This is a re-post:  I recently watched the new season of “Wet Hot American Summer” via Netflix and decided it was a good time to share this poem again.  This was one of the first poems I posted on Modern Linguistics. Initially this was a freestyle that incubated inside of me and came out as poetic goo.  Once in a while I’ll still rock this out during a jam session.

Ghost Writer


A finial is doused in a fiery impulse.
The ballpoint pen is the weapon of choice.
Shadows of the past.
Origin of the ghost writer.
It was somewhere in Oswego, New York.
When a contingent of like minded Phish fans bounced around the room.
A young Peter Parker Esq took a potent dose of hallucination.
As Lucy in the sky with diamonds tried to co-exist with the leprechaun from the Lucky Charms box.
The writer struggled in the cataclysm of his new reality.
A Latin tongue spoke in foreign linguistics.
Delusions of Grandeur.
Tempted by darkness.
Psychological thriller.
A man with Georgia peaches approached the campsite carrying an Amish styled fiddle case.
With a sinister grin, a stoic figure put down his wares, and pulled out his Uni-Ball Signo DX 0.38.
The lower tube was engraved with an gold felt elvish scripture. (This device was most likely forged in Mordor.)
His intentions became clear.
The devil had come to challenge this connoisseur of Modern Linguistics.
The Gauntlet had been laid down. (Elf needs food badly.)
Freestyle write by the fireside.
If the writer was victorious the demon would release him from the “Jedi Trip” and give him the coveted pen of the ghost writer.
If this apparition of the devil could spit hot fire and win the duel of freestyle; the writer would have to come through the erratic portal and re-write what would you do for a Klondike bar commercials throughout the duration of the existence of his soul. (Apparently demons are very fond of Klondike bars.)
Failure was not an option.
He became empowered to speak words in an order that seemed agreeable.
The writer was known to rap tight during full moon hikes and on this occasion just like many others he streamed his consciousness to the beat in a manner of perfection.
Concise delivery in a viscous manner.
This man was raised by literary animals.
On that night he literally devoured this devil like he was a cannibal.
Words flowed with hype as his rage became maniacal.
The man picked up his fiddle case and walked away in the moon glow.
Some say they overheard the demon whisper to his master.
I’ve done everything you have asked for please don’t hold me liable.
To beat Jfreshly in a freestyle battle is just not viable.

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Lush Green


There is some sort of simpatico in the selection process.
The perfect woman and the perfect avocado.
An important lesson to be learned is to never judge a book by its cover.
Texture is important of course.
Not too hard.
Not too soft.
I guess you never can tell what is going to be on the inside by observation alone.
You must take them home and get them to open up.
There is so much to be learned about picking the perfect woman and picking the perfect avocado.
It truly is an art form.
You don’t want to end up with an alligator pear after all.
Perched somewhere in the kitchen.
Biding its time for the right moment to bite your head off (To avoid this situation on the regular stock up on wine in abundance).
Cause at the end of the day lives will be lived.
Time will age perfection.
Its all about the conversation.
When things become ripe the best way to open her up will be with words.
I’ll tell you this much.
There is no better feeling in the world.
Than opening up an avocado to see that nurtured lush green hearts center.
The seed of love.

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Scottish Santa


Muddle the mixture

You fat bastard

I hope you read this

I’m no golden retriever of inebriated elixir

Point your index finger in an others general direction

Threaten me?

Dear intoxicated sloth:

If you text me this video

Your girlfriend

Grabbing you by that red beard

Launching Scottish Santa over the balcony

Tears of joy will rush down my face

At that point and that point only

Will I call things equilibrium.

I’d like to tell you that

My Rorschach boxer stains rival your bohemian graffiti

But it would be a lie

Your artwork is slightly better

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Rap Tight Throughout the Duration of Full Moon Hikes

Rap Tight Throughout the Duration of Full Moon Hikes

full moon

On the road to riches

Karma snitches

Time travel glitches

Pura Vida

She was the Costa to my Rica

Whatever the FAQ is

Questions that are frequently asked kid

When Jfreshly rap

It sounds like a natural reaction from far too much acid?

Get in the lab and perfect the madness

In an attempt to appeal to the masses

No matter whatever your craft is

Born into the land of capitalist fascists

We all try to amass a collection of the tightest assets

Take me to wherever the cash is

Ladies put on a show and shake those asses

Lonely dudes come-thru to see all that honey

Dollar bills in g-strings get all that money

No necesito pantalones por favor

And for all of those peoples that just don’t know me

It’s just a little bit of Spanish Ebonics for all of my homies

Feeling kinda live tonight

When the lightning crashes

When the blood rush flows

Reality of the hourglass quickly passes

A creature of habit

A true Samewise Gamgee on the automatic

Ever since I could pick up a book

I’ve been hooked on phonics

I read the cannabis grow bible

Now I’m hooked on the growth of chronic

Around my way I’m known as the hobbit

Horticulture was my major in college

Which led me to the discovery of hydroponics

The volcano vaporizes and In those moments I become Sonic

The haters of this world become represented by Dr. Robotnik

I chose to beat this game using Circular Logic

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