Rap Tight Throughout the Duration of Full Moon Hikes

Rap Tight Throughout the Duration of Full Moon Hikes

full moon

On the road to riches

Karma snitches

Time travel glitches

Pura Vida

She was the Costa to my Rica

Whatever the FAQ is

Questions that are frequently asked kid

When Jfreshly rap

It sounds like a natural reaction from far too much acid?

Get in the lab and perfect the madness

In an attempt to appeal to the masses

No matter whatever your craft is

Born into the land of capitalist fascists

We all try to amass a collection of the tightest assets

Take me to wherever the cash is

Ladies put on a show and shake those asses

Lonely dudes come-thru to see all that honey

Dollar bills in g-strings get all that money

No necesito pantalones por favor

And for all of those peoples that just don’t know me

It’s just a little bit of Spanish Ebonics for all of my homies

Feeling kinda live tonight

When the lightning crashes

When the blood rush flows

Reality of the hourglass quickly passes

A creature of habit

A true Samewise Gamgee on the automatic

Ever since I could pick up a book

I’ve been hooked on phonics

I read the cannabis grow bible

Now I’m hooked on the growth of chronic

Around my way I’m known as the hobbit

Horticulture was my major in college

Which led me to the discovery of hydroponics

The volcano vaporizes and In those moments I become Sonic

The haters of this world become represented by Dr. Robotnik

I chose to beat this game using Circular Logic

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