Ghost Writer


A finial is doused in a fiery impulse.
The ballpoint pen is the weapon of choice.
Shadows of the past.
Origin of the ghost writer.
It was somewhere in Oswego, New York.
When a contingent of like minded Phish fans bounced around the room.
A young Peter Parker Esq took a potent dose of hallucination.
As Lucy in the sky with diamonds tried to co-exist with the leprechaun from the Lucky Charms box.
The writer struggled in the cataclysm of his new reality.
A Latin tongue spoke in foreign linguistics.
Delusions of Grandeur.
Tempted by darkness.
Psychological thriller.
A man with Georgia peaches approached the campsite carrying an Amish styled fiddle case.
With a sinister grin, a stoic figure put down his wares, and pulled out his Uni-Ball Signo DX 0.38.
The lower tube was engraved with an gold felt elvish scripture. (This device was most likely forged in Mordor.)
His intentions became clear.
The devil had come to challenge this connoisseur of Modern Linguistics.
The Gauntlet had been laid down. (Elf needs food badly.)
Freestyle write by the fireside.
If the writer was victorious the demon would release him from the “Jedi Trip” and give him the coveted pen of the ghost writer.
If this apparition of the devil could spit hot fire and win the duel of freestyle; the writer would have to come through the erratic portal and re-write what would you do for a Klondike bar commercials throughout the duration of the existence of his soul. (Apparently demons are very fond of Klondike bars.)
Failure was not an option.
He became empowered to speak words in an order that seemed agreeable.
The writer was known to rap tight during full moon hikes and on this occasion just like many others he streamed his consciousness to the beat in a manner of perfection.
Concise delivery in a viscous manner.
This man was raised by literary animals.
On that night he literally devoured this devil like he was a cannibal.
Words flowed with hype as his rage became maniacal.
The man picked up his fiddle case and walked away in the moon glow.
Some say they overheard the demon whisper to his master.
I’ve done everything you have asked for please don’t hold me liable.
To beat Jfreshly in a freestyle battle is just not viable.

© 2015 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.


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