Breathe into the bar

Could you please pass the chronic?

Would you like to hear Shakespeare on hydroponics?


Its Donnie Darkoisms

Mind power shared

Energy and Fate

Moments like these we share

Metaphysical handshakes.

Boys and girls have the same habits

of going to the bar and looking for Jessica Rabbit.

What goes up must come down

She yells

Moments like these we make Sir Isaac Proud.

Do you feel like dancing?

A bit of Rhythm Romancing?

There is something about her eyes that is so enchanting.

Its all I have ever loved,

All I have ever known,

All I have ever wanted,

All I have condoned.

I was split from the rift.

Freed from the real.

To come to find out this world is all about sex appeal.

I never went for the women in high heels.

Its the Jeaninne Garafolo’s

and on my tombstone


It took laughter to heal this soul.

© 2015 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved

This is a re-post:  I recently watched the new season of “Wet Hot American Summer” via Netflix and decided it was a good time to share this poem again.  This was one of the first poems I posted on Modern Linguistics. Initially this was a freestyle that incubated inside of me and came out as poetic goo.  Once in a while I’ll still rock this out during a jam session.

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