Disgruntled Postal Worker


Suit and tie soiree

By the bay

Why hello there tonight I’ll be

He-man Master of the Universe

Frequencies of business minded philanthropist

I’m all alone here




I just want to interrupt the conversation

Speak in the pirate lingo I’ve become accustomed to

And ask them to wake the fuck up

But, maybe I’ve got it all wrong

This whole time

I’ve stunted my economic growth

If only I had bought into the system

While glaciers melt into a vat of mercury

Rain forests burnt to appease the hunger of men most likely named “Sneed”

Asphalt laid to serve the metal beasts

These addictions that put us in the precarious

Enter the course

So one day I can eventually pay for the divorce

The genuine walk into the woods

A respite anointed by the original

Never to return to communicate with those that have labeled themselves “civilized”

Whom have turned their backs on the mother of our nature

That schmooze over lager and fine wine

In this pool of energy

I sweat like a heated onion

Each word peels off a layer

And when the conversation stops

There is nothing left

Just torn pieces of my tears

Is it time to pick up the pieces and throw myself back into the fire?

Explode into the hostile environment

Known as legalized slavery

Uncle Sam

The tax man

Is eagerly awaiting my arrival with open arms.

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