Lazy Rainy Daze

Lazy Rainy Daze


As the rain falls I think of her.

How I yearn for her.

To tell her of my secrets.

To learn more about her ways.

She could lay by my side.

As I make her laugh the weight of the world is no longer on our shoulders.

These photos don’t do justice.

I’ve seen her naked bounty.

But, have never felt her skin.

I’ve seen a picture of her gorgeous face.

But, have yet to experience the vision of her majestic ambiance with my own eyes.

I’d like nothing more then to relax with her.

One day I’ll lay down with this woman and caress her hair.

Talk of the days to come.

I want to be the breathe of fresh air she desires.

To hear her sweet voice as she says good morning.

She would smile content then collapse back into my arms.

Awaiting my inevitable animal instincts.

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