There is a fine line between,

Dream and fascination,

Beauty and perception,

Greed and perfection,

Love and affection,

Affairs and temptation,

Laws and regulation.

The world is a floating puzzle orb.

The pieces are comprised of DNA modules.

The crossroads of the crossword.

Where lines of thought intersect with curiosity.


  1. Architectural consists of 54 blocks.

In a frequency of elegance.

Energy in the virtuoso.

I want my vocal chord pattern to mutter one phrase.


But, she beat me to it.

Based on my interpretation of the moment.

If you read between the lines.

This is what they call;

True and romance.

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Disgruntled Sales Manager, “Where are you and will you be coming into work today?”

If you were to open the Where’s Waldo: A fantastic Journey picture book and at exactly the same time turn on the DOS version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego in an attempt to simultaneously locate both of these mysterious characters you might just find me somewhere right smack dab in the middle of this digital conundrum.

On the back of my hand

A birth-marked map to the valley of sand

Take the boat of pontoon

In the Gorilla Monsoon

To the Typhoon Lagoon

I’ve been lost there for sometime now

In this undiscovered paradise known as imagination land.

Maybe it was the redundancy of endless calls in which the same pitch was used over and over.

The Pitch: If you could please bend over and hold your ankles while I take your credit card information that would be splendid.

Let me assure you that after every sale I always made sure to advise my clients to buy figs in bulk after every purchase.

The corporate agenda

Has offended my basic principles of human decency.

I do have a conscience after all.

You can take this job and shovel it while you sit on a spin cycle. (I’m still an “Adventures in Babysitting” enthusiast.)

Therefore you can consider this my resignation.

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