Magic Mushroom Friday!

Nipple Mushroom

This happens to be the nipple mushroom.

Which so happens to be one of my favorite kinds!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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Peppercorn Jelly Bean

Bring the HYPE!!!

Walden Drive

we started a little slow
but now here we go

eyes close
spirit grows
words flow
river smoke
partial audience knows

those who do
thank you
for keeping it real
and keeping it fresh
for keeping it really J fresh
nally fresh even

ingredients of the mind
swirling in a boundless vat
waiting patiently to be picked from the aether for the perfect time

peppercorn jellybean

it’s your turn!
the moment you’ve been waiting for!
you slide right in
your existence is complete

watch and learn
perfect the craft
practice the art
of freeing your mind
letting thoughts ricochet off melting walls
in cranium we trust

a smile
you realize the natural high
you’re clever
nothing is better
than this
bobbing and rhyming to beats, swiss
every round counts

the match is over
the beat stops
pairings are up
another drops
your hearts racing
we’re back again
another session
of who…

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