Djembé Mutumbo

Everyone gather together in peace
Dance to the music and move your feet
A story from the heart is the tale
Let happiness and peace prevail
As Phalanges cut through the air with precise rudimentary
Music heals the soul and keeps the heart from perpetual penitentiary
A bongo from the Congo
A bongo from the Ivory coast
A bongo for the people
A bongo for hope
In the wide open music halls of Africa
Skilled drummers can be heard through out the Savannah
Stories are told of musical animal evolution
For it was chimpanzees that may have started the percussion revolution
Close your eyes and feel the wind
Play the beat and forget of your sins
Emotional status, energy sways, the souls give and take
Eased by the sounds that this drum creates
Walk in the woods
hold your Djembé with a strong grip
Seduce nature
With your fingertips

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