Portcullis Made of Shadow in the Fleeting Continuum of Time


What is white, black, and refractory all over?
Its rhetorical don’t answer.
The dream is the riddle.
The Gateway can only be opened by the footsteps of the chosen one.

A freaking descendant of Heyzues.
This photograph proves it.
Purchased on Zapatos.com.
Shoes fit for the offspring of Hashem.

These hybrid sneaks.
These sandals of advanced footwear theory.
These shoes of enlightenment.
Known on the streets as “The Mirror Breakers”.

Disintegrate enchanted porcelain road.
Fractured galaxies turned into fragmented glass.
Layers of a black and white tide die.
Worn by eons on the bend.

I’m sold size twelve please.
There is one thing that is bothering me though.
Would the creator really want his children to wear socks with sandals?
What tomfoolery!

© 2015 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Portcullis Made of Shadow in the Fleeting Continuum of Time

    • This comment is marvelous and most appreciated. While in the Matrix If by chance you were to run into Neo could you please ask him where he hid all the jelly? I would be forever in your debt for this information. You see there is lots of jelly in the Matrix and I want it. Not for evil purposes of course. I’m not planning on doing any Pinky and the Brain shenanigans. You know…try to take over the world. I want to use the jelly with a hint of kindness. That is all for now please complete this jelly mission! Its your destiny!!!

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