Presence of the Game Master

Presence of the Game Master

The scent of jelly beans
Trapped in a mason jar
Wrapped in a Bow
Placed underneath a Pine tree
Hallmark moments
Aligned with the stars
Courage of the Red Power Ranger
Spirituality of the Green Power Ranger
Elegance of the Pink Power Ranger
Morph mightily and Bandai together
All Hail! Zorgon the Lord
Tyco-on of industry
Yellow bulldozer
Diesel Locomotives
Machinery of adolescence
The same as my bro-has
Orb of Winter: The tale of the polar bear in the long frost
Orbs of Chaos and Confetti rain down on field of play
Like an angry gamer throwing a bag full of D-20’s in the vicinity of opposition
The Bonsai orb (“Zur once said Eternal life is worth any sacrifice.”)
A lotus of blackness — The flower harnesses
Red Orbs of Mana
Green Orbs of Mana
White Orbs of Mana
Blue Orbs of Mana
Black Orbs of Mana
Hover on the back drop of the random
As the grey matter spits
The color of my childhood rainbow

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