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It’s not been a bad day: sunny and the temperature has been around 12 degrees centigrade.

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Vibrations of Warmth


Vibrations of Warmth

Her skin was soft

Her lips were soft

A poet in the past tense

She’s right in front of you represent


In the vulnerability

We’d feel safe

In the emoticon trade

What I crave…

As I’ve been lost in loneliness for days

Hey pretty girl at the end of the bar

Would you mind if I bought you a drink?

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Clammy Sea Prawns

Clammy Sea Prawns

The saturated fat of my existence.
Runs laps around the vast difference.
Could someone please tell me where they hid all of the cool whip?
Apparently, it’s buried under a bed of tulips.
As the world listens to trees fall in the forest.
A squiggle lost in the sea of anatomy has golden goosed and will likely flourish.
Polar opposite extract.
Caught up in the mimic vat.
The success rate of sperm to egg at the moment of conception?
This question in translation brought on much speculation.
Insatiable desires based on friction.
To appease the refreshment of the addiction.
Just one more milkshake from the stash.
If that’s the yard then lets mash.

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The Great Stasis

The Great Stasis

Rehash the previous
Scream delirious
Potential infinite
Factual Significance
There is a loneliness in the silence
A bitterness in the violence
A few that took up arms
The defiant
My minds the tyrant
Pick up the pieces
Follow the rainbow
In search of the vibrant

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