Feminine Guile


Feminine Guile

To wake up next to her
Is a thing of beauty
If you could please excuse me
I want to devour you completely
So you don’t forget
What it’s like to lay on my chest
I want you
I want to hold you close
I want to feel your warmth
The build up
Underneath the sheets
The blankets trap the heat
And I think
What did I do to deserve this?
My heart feels like a furnace

© 2015 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved

12 thoughts on “Feminine Guile

    • I’ll have to include some sort of cats in my next post to appease this comment. Thanks so much for all the support. Hope you had a wonderful holidays and I look forward to more incredible cat posts from you in the future!

    • Awe! Thanks so much Chelsea I really appreciate all of the positive support you have shown throughout my time blogging on Modern: Linguistics. I’m sure it’s a lovely song. Maybe you can record and post it soon!

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