Dark Angel

Dark Angel

My loins are crazy for you.

My heart is crazy for you.

My snuggle technique

known as the lazy sweet pea

wants to practice all over you.

A feline walks in patterns of cuteness

into the teeth of a wolf.

Come to me my dark angel.

Come save me while I’m in

the disdain of this loneliness.

© 2014 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​


8 thoughts on “Dark Angel

      • Well the wolf is not necessarily “bad” (unless asked to be)…the word on the streets is that this wolf is actually not related to the “Big Bad Wolf”. One time in high school it was said he went on a date with a girl that wore a red hoodie. Well, things (rumors) quickly escalated and now he asks his feline friends not to wear such clothing as it may or may not confuse well versed fairy tale enthusiasts. This wolf growls out of loneliness but not anger. His police record which clearly shows no prior convictions for “biting” should be taken into account. Also, its been said he only hurts in pleasureful ways. I mean that’s just what I heard…I’ve never met him. It just so happens that I represent this wolf in a court of blog. So, what exactly is the deal you’re offering Tosha? 😎

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