Pain is
Going to an all you can eat
Sizzler's buffet
On a diet 
Don't try it
Unless you enjoy
The collective restraint
This concept 
Might make you go insane
In the belly of the beast
This affliction
Endorphin's in the negative
The overflow of worry
What if I had just gone to that Thai joint
Got that dope curry
Melange "The Spice"
Courses through the arteries of the heart
Next time pass on the iodized shrimp basket fried
Or it could be magpies
Served at your funeral

© 2015 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​

7 thoughts on “Puntsville

  1. Oh my, the following tags are classic, “Everyone makes mistakes sometimes” and “Poor food choices”. Glad to see you’re still on somewhat of a food/eating rant! This is a wonderful poem, and I so appreciate that the humor that holds hands with the truth of the matter. Once I made it past the “Sizzler’s buffet” (gag) you had me smiling, especially with “Endorphin’s in the negative” oh gosh, hahahaha! Thank you, much to chew on, hold the iodine. Love it! Take good care! ~ Mia

    • Smiles are the only payment I accept. Copper Cranes A.K.A Mrs. Cool Shades. Thanks for dropping by leaving a comment and letting me know you had something to say. Creativity is inspiration.

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