This poem was submitted to Modern Linguistics

By the poet: Blazo.

They still profiling, Internets a wild thing.
Brain mapped out, information compiling.
Data mining, down to hair styling.
Do you care no, got that shit on the go.
On demand service, worlds a circus.
Run by big wigs, pigs with a purpose.
Taking what you got, freedoms you fought.
All that blood spilled for what?
Give it right back, no question.
Now you got a fear erection.
Take that to the ballot box.
Politicians dumb as rocks.
Hillary shady complexion.
Oh yeah, f**k the election!
© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​


4 thoughts on “Oligarchs

    • Jfreshly Blushes in your general direction. Although its hard for you to tell in the black and white vision behind those shades. Which is why I started this comment with the word blushes and chose not to lead off with the blush emoticon. I’m not blushing anymore because I’m rambling on about the blush to emoticon theory. Because honestly if you’re always wearing shades it seems that reading the word “Blushes” would have more significance then seeing a blushes emoticon through the dark lenses of a sweet pair of hip sun glasses 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend as well. Btw, your poetry is the dope ship (Which means very enjoyable to read).

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