The Sorrow of Aggression

 The Sorrow of Aggression

A fool is lost
In the curves
Waterfalls rush down cheek
In a maze of words

A drowner of hope controls
The clutch of currents
Her love 

A desire of darkness
Selfishly fueled
The fascination of 
The cruel

A beautiful expression in disguise
For his kindness
Was it
All a lie?

A beautiful face
Gripped by fingertips
Glum pouty lips
Is this what sexy is?

Candles light a room
To exhume
The benevolent long snuggle
The soothe of a midnight cuddle

The view from above
Observing young love
Turn to smoke
This must be some sort of joke

A heathen with quick hands
Costly demands

As butterflies turn to ash
She dances behind curtains 
To become
The silhouette of shadow

© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​

The Sorrow of Aggression is a poem dedicated to the women that have had to endure a mentally or physically abusive relationship.
You are beautiful, strong, and intelligent beings of stardust.
I have much love to send in your general direction.  Peace 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Sorrow of Aggression

    • Before I wrote this a inhale then meditation. Gelatinous stardust forged in my receptors of thought I then proceeded to transmit stardust of positive energy in your general direction.

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