Enthusiastic Salesman

Enthusiastic Salesman


Orgasm of a capitalist
Quantified by profits
The wheels are in motion
Can’t stop it
I’m gonna sell
Bananas to monkeys at the zoo
Orangutans booze
James Dean some new moves
Sea shells to sea shores
Electricity to chords
Nails to boards
Toupee’s to Trump
Hard rock to punks
Willie Nelson some preemo skunk
Rabbit some TRIX
Dolly Parton some new tits
A drunkard his next piss
Mario karts
Noah the ark
Winter to Starks
Ruffles to ridges
Breadcrumbs to pigeons
Electrons to fission
The sale is finalized
By a split decision

© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​



7 thoughts on “Enthusiastic Salesman

  1. Wonderful write, still chuckling! Gotcha, now I know why all the bedside bibles at the local Motel 6 are missing! I mean clearly that’s where I go for my bible studies. Check it out, I also heard that Miss Dolly is thinking of going even BIGGER! Hey, have a fun and fabulous Friday! ~ Mia

    • That’s what I heard after I sold her on the idea…Bigger is not always better unless there is a profit in it! Glad you enjoyed it have a wonderful weekend Mia. 😎

  2. We got a problem here, don´t sell the urangutous booze, give it away to me for free and about Dolly….I have one of her tits, so I´ll give it to you if you give me the booze..

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