Ambient Virus


Photo Credit: Brian Hal Schneider

Low flying nimbus
In the gradual decay of light
A poison laced virus
Delivered by the serpent
Derived by the beast
Chaotic head waves
Into fields of well kept curiosity
A face in morning dew
The perpetual sweaty lip
As the fever lifts.
How did I get to this place?


 © 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Ambient Virus

    • I’m not sure whose on first anymore. It’s all a scheme to fill my inside cavities up with cookie die ice cream. Something tells me things are getting juicy. Well why yes I did just buy a juicer! Lets tell this blogger exactly what he has won?

  1. Purple anais, well I have a few remarks. Do yourealize that your name can be mistaken for a puppet eating manatee quite easily. Purple passion, purple spades, purple traitors, the possibilities are endless. If you live in atlanta let me know you are the hottest thing Ive seen since I watched sea cucumbers ear and then have houseguests invade their purple star hearts. Girl you are so fine when I get my sex change I woyld love to get your number of course that has to be after my bleaxhing procedure. I would love to give you an enema of the mind and lick your withers lime thr fine nightmare you are. I will brush your hair and fondle your eyebrows until the starfish become stone in your ocean. I hope you dont mind bear skin because by my fireplace I will untame your purple star. I would be awarded a purple heart for fulfilling yours, seabirds would cackle and gawk. Oh purple anais oh oh god In feeling the warm sensation in your spoon and I know your shattered dream will ever remain etched on my tongue. When purple turns to brilliant red you will know your soul is completed without an ounce of blue in your being. Come join me in eternity where orgasmic thoughts are not necessary because you will float on an endless cloud of tongue bathing. Come to me, come with me, let me take the blue from your red and join the years of bliss others call confinement. Gush, rush, but dont blush and never settle for what they have done because it can always be undone, in the sun, feeling my tongue turn your color wheel, call me.

    • Thanks! Really appreciate that hope everything is going well for you in the transition from winter to spring! Have a wonderful day and happy blogging! #Bats4life

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