Mad Prophet


Mad Prophet

In a land where words rot

All is not lost

An archived collage

Brought to fruition:  (Jfreshly’s Modern Linguistics: Song Blog)

From the madness

Nagging thoughts

Discarded phrases

Ripped out pages

Torn out by the heart

That’s always my favorite part

Where the lack of progress

Defines the dissension

Full frontal reality

Can make dreams

Hard to conceive

A cup of sand

A pot of soil

A jar of seeds

Collected in the company

From far off lands

To make anew.


His epitaph

chiseled in stone

 by the ancient scribes,

“This was his final resting place

where the mad prophet died”.

© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics all rights reserved.


A werewolf in the transformation


A werewolf in the transformation

As a coyote howls
I found you
sitting on the edge of destiny
A pale face contrasts
Against the back drop of the full blood moon
Green chile peyote paste
That taste
Sealed fate
For what it’s worth
I’ve been investigating
For daze
Was it Colonel mustard
With the candle stick?
Still don’t have a clue
What to listen to
As I realize my brain
Needs to be soothed
Jazz or blues?
© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics all rights reserved.