Pears-Shake on a holographic Fruit Tree







A mirror of reflection hosts a pond of lilies.

Jagged rock eroded by time becomes smooth.

The great philosophers stone.

Currents of energy focus the meditation.

The mantra.

The almighty “Om”

Medium of the spirit.

As the Earth rotates,

an endless vibration occurs,

at the rate of constant.

Where are we going?

Someone is showing me the way but I’m not walking.

I have questions that need answers.

I hear voices no one’s talking.

Ticktock clock stops flowing.

Karma lines been broken down.

Kneel before him.

The shaman with no name.

© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics all rights reserved.


Questions asked by the fool.

  1. Are the dead grateful now that they have Mr. Garcia?
  2. Should you be Leary of men named Tim offering sugar cubes?
  3. Is it wrong to say “Betelgeuse” three times to gain entrance into the Netherworld?
  4. How about Candyman? (Not a chance…Dude was Scary as #@%$)
  5. If a poet streams his consciousness on a blog and no one reads it does it really exist?

These conundrums were philosophized Thoreaughly by a poet traversing the wilderness.




3 thoughts on “Pears-Shake on a holographic Fruit Tree

    • Word on the streets is that the poets you speak of were on a arduous journey to find the “Poet of Dragons.” “A Shaman with no name” was the only supernatural being with the mental aptitude powerful enough to embrace the true visions of the reflecting pool. And so it was, that the “Fellowship of the Poet” embarked to the great “Philosophers stone” to find, the answers they sought from “The Shaman with no name.” It was all for nothing though due to the finding of the “magical psychoactive toads” located at the enchanted lily pond of Modern Linguistics (Which happens to be a pretty sweet Song Blog.) Once their –> (The Fellowship of the high poets) tongues came into contact with the 5-methoxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine all was lost. No one could remember what they were doing in the neck of the woods in which they were. The fellowship of the poet had been broken and the location of the “Poet of Dragons” may have been lost to them for the rest of time! 😎

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