Happy Umbilical Cord Release Day




I was a fetus once


In a 1980ā€™s shoe box

Proof of infancy

A remembrance

Units of parental guidance

Have provided refreshments

As the light is dimmed


On top of a moist Betty Crocker

The seance begins

Nursery rhymes

Endorsing happiness

Someone cut the cord on this shindig

I think Iā€™m going to need a drink.

Ā© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.

Birthday repost (It is my birthday and I’ll repost if I want to)

10 thoughts on “Happy Umbilical Cord Release Day

  1. This was fun! I loved this ^_^
    Happy Birthday by the way. I got a new Twitter acct. I’ll find you and re-follow you.
    Have a great birthday!

    • Awesome, please do I need more dope (good) tweets in my life. Happiness is a spectrum of emotional energy. Your comment is most appreciate and my birthday is much happier with the knowledge that your comment now exists on the plane of Modern Linguistis: Song Blog. Peace!

    • Thanks! They say words only get better with age or maybe that’s just wine. Either way I’m looking forward to the longevity of the diction. Peace!

      • Always working on our diction’s longevity, but alas we are of the mazel descent and cannot control the tidings of the briss. We grow, then show, then throw some proverbial bows. I just hope the diction doesn’t get too long. I really like my short collection.

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