Arbitrary Information About a Ghost

Hello, My name is not jelly.

That’s important to know I guess.

I do however enjoy good jelly.


These poems which are static in nature

Were ideals born off the cuff.

Some will be sung

Some will be written


Current projects include finding a Jazz band infused with a DJ

To express advanced thought patterns of the relevant in real time.

The style is free

The logic cost me my lifetime


One day I could be in your town


The next gone.

Random and generous

If you find me then you knew.


Modern Linguistics

18 thoughts on “Arbitrary Information About a Ghost

    • Thank you for checking out Modern Linguistics Song Blog. I hope I have posted and can continue to post content you enjoy! Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!

    • It just so happens that my favorite jelly is “Talent Jelly” although quite rare. I only know of one store where you can purchase “Talent Jelly.” It’s in China Town and if you ask the owner he will refuse any bill of sale. I had to wait until the Chinese New Year when his grandson was behind the sales counter of the shop. He tried to throw in a Mogwai to sweeten the deal and told me not to feed him after twelve o’clock in the evening. I told him, ” look pal I just want ‘Talent Jelly’ and don’t get me started on my sleep schedule it fluctuates which could cause serious issues.” He laughed and said, “Oh were not filming Gremlins three today?” I said, “dude are you seriously trying to sell me a Gremlin (Mogwai)…Do I look like someone that could take care of a Gremlin?..I’m here for the Talent Jelly.” He then proceeded to tell me some ancient mumbo-jumbo that once the “Talent Jelly” would be consumed I would somehow be addicted to writing, rapping, and eating fried chicken after midnight. Then I was like where has this “Talent Jelly” been my whole life. Which was my first mistake in bargaining. I have no idea how they were able to afford that Mogwai back in 1984 cause the ancient dudes grandson was all grownsed (This is not actually a word apparently but I’m pretty sure they used it in “Swingers” so I’m going to go with it) up and tough as nails. This guy had some Dutch Trading Company lineage pumping threw his bloodlines or perhaps he Tivoed “Pawn Stars” either way it cost a pretty penny to obtain this “Talent Jelly.” And so it was that in the year of 1997, in an antique store in Chinatown, I obtained the elixir of “Talent Jelly.” It tasted like Pepto-bismal and I would also like to add that I have had minimal digestive problems since the consumption so all in all I feel like I got a good deal. You know once you factor inflation and possible lucrative earnings that could be wielded from such talent. I think you would agree that it was a fair deal for both parties. 🙂 (Insert heart emoticon here)

      Have a wonderful day and thank you for the comment. It’s most appreciated!

      • ***smiles*** you are so talented. You have no idea how much I love this. You have made my day once again. ❤️

        Why is this in the comment section and not a post?

        Ummmmmm, I think you should post it!
        Btw…. I make up words too. : )
        I’m going to go and find me some jelly belly oh telly 🙂

        Also.. Since you didn’t add the ***heart*** I will. ❤️

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