One Percent

One Percent


It’s a sad day in Mudville,

the early bird has caught the worm.

A coalition of neck ties strangle

a regime of white collars.

Loafers eagerly seek pennies while

marching on a street made of walls.

You can still hear the echo of the starting gun

as a pig shaped nimbus slowly eats away at

the blue sky.

The American dream.

The few, the proud, the ones immune to the insatiable greed.

Ostracized by jargon of the democratic republic.

Free souls labeled hippies.

Those that would prefer to live among the trees.

Whom value the right of future generations to have fresh air to breath.

The credo:

Lifestyle is freedom.

Corporations who needs ’em.

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Mad Prophet


Mad Prophet

In a land where words rot

All is not lost

An archived collage

Brought to fruition:  (Jfreshly’s Modern Linguistics: Song Blog)

From the madness

Nagging thoughts

Discarded phrases

Ripped out pages

Torn out by the heart

That’s always my favorite part

Where the lack of progress

Defines the dissension

Full frontal reality

Can make dreams

Hard to conceive

A cup of sand

A pot of soil

A jar of seeds

Collected in the company

From far off lands

To make anew.


His epitaph

chiseled in stone

 by the ancient scribes,

“This was his final resting place

where the mad prophet died”.

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A werewolf in the transformation


A werewolf in the transformation

As a coyote howls
I found you
sitting on the edge of destiny
A pale face contrasts
Against the back drop of the full blood moon
Green chile peyote paste
That taste
Sealed fate
For what it’s worth
I’ve been investigating
For daze
Was it Colonel mustard
With the candle stick?
Still don’t have a clue
What to listen to
As I realize my brain
Needs to be soothed
Jazz or blues?
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Ambient Virus


Photo Credit: Brian Hal Schneider

Low flying nimbus
In the gradual decay of light
A poison laced virus
Delivered by the serpent
Derived by the beast
Chaotic head waves
Into fields of well kept curiosity
A face in morning dew
The perpetual sweaty lip
As the fever lifts.
How did I get to this place?


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Helium Subtext

Helium Subtext

What's real
Is the dance
Levels of thought
Constantly fought
Technological inventions
With the best intentions
I'd like to interject
A suggestion
Let the music play
Fade the wastes
Don't let the refrain
Tear you down
Generations lost
At such a holo-cost
In the springtime
To sit in a room
Is against the grain
Lack of sunlight
Jack Nicholson insane (The Shining)
Why was the world made?
Trajectory of the mirror
Gnarled face
Ready for the great escape
One day fame
A freestyle 
Derived on the foundations of 
Free will might just
Change the game

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Enthusiastic Salesman

Enthusiastic Salesman


Orgasm of a capitalist
Quantified by profits
The wheels are in motion
Can’t stop it
I’m gonna sell
Bananas to monkeys at the zoo
Orangutans booze
James Dean some new moves
Sea shells to sea shores
Electricity to chords
Nails to boards
Toupee’s to Trump
Hard rock to punks
Willie Nelson some preemo skunk
Rabbit some TRIX
Dolly Parton some new tits
A drunkard his next piss
Mario karts
Noah the ark
Winter to Starks
Ruffles to ridges
Breadcrumbs to pigeons
Electrons to fission
The sale is finalized
By a split decision

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Doubters be drinking dat


Pimps be wearing shoes dat

Gators made

Alligators be chillen in dat


Happy Gilmore days dat

Never fade

Mind erasers ( 2 ounces of vodka, 2 ounces of Kahlua® coffee liqueur, and 2 ounces of tonic water)

Boiler Makers ( One cold glass full of  Pabst Blue Ribbon ale, and one shot of Old Crow whiskey)

Served at a buffet of jimmies

A villa full of margaritas

Miss mamacita

Pleased to meet ya

Dr. Seuss

Intoxicated on the emotion of lust


Greatness on the cusp

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