Oath of the Gatewatch

This poem was submitted by the poet: Eldraziwitz

I got dat Godddd speak
I am dat cardddd geek
Talk to me
Speak through me
Let the divine run through me
Let the divine run through my spine
Let "Dat" flow through my toes
Give me dat Goddd pool
Give me dat Goddd deck
Give me dat Goddd build
Give me dat Goddd draw
Let the magic become: Magic
Let the pool influence our duels
Let us take them to school 
And let our pool become the fuel 
That influences the duel
That makes winning the rule 
In our wizardly school
--DC Champs--

Today is the first day of Grand Prix: Washington D.C.
Over 5,000 wizards will be in attendance 
The game to be played is Magic: The Gathering
This poem is an expression of the emotion felt going into a big event

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Pause for a Station Break

Why hello there its yours truly Jfreshly bringing you a station break.  A Pause in the Modern Linguistics: Song Blog flow.  Recently a user that goes by the moniker of Donnie Jerko submitted a few interesting comments.  I choose not to allow these comments because his name “Donnie Jerko” when clicked would take you to an adult film oriented website.

This user realized this apparent comment denial and proceeded to send another comment which suggested much anger and aggression towards Jfreshly.  This blog is about creativity and enjoying the language of letters.  With-in that logic I feel it would go against the grain and ideals of this blog not to share them.

This blog does not and will not promote any pornographic or illegal websites.  That reason and that reason alone is why I did not accept these comments.  Enjoy your moment in the sun Donnie Jerko.  I hope this blog post brings you much happiness.

You never know who you will meet in the world of blogging.  #LOL

https://jfreshly.wordpress.com/2016/02/27/socket-madness/ (This is the original post to which the comments were posted).

– 2016/03/01 at 12:56 am

Donnie Jerko

My pussy has a first name its J-E-l-l-O. My wiener has a first name when I find it I will let you know. One time I frenched a tree, it wasn’t all that and later that day I found out I was allergic to poison sumac, Yankees batman its time to leave.

– John

– 2016/03/01 at 3:48 pm

Donnie Jerko

You dodgy tosser, I get off a plane from Disney World expecting my haiku to be posted and you deny me my freedom. I was relating to being stuck on a plane you wanker, YOU will pay for this denial. Every hour you do not post this a cat will get petted, every day that goes by a pancake will die, I will pull up this blog on screens around the world and smash the screen. Who are you to deny people their comments, those are their comments, they own them. You barnacle bill free speech impeding bastard, you have no right, you are not the beak although you probably do wear a curly wig quite often, neigh, What was that? Caligula’s horse just told you fuck off you Yankee candle buying arsemonger. Ohhh look at me come post a comment, wait no let me read it first and then Ill decide if it is good enough for me manky blog. You cocked up big time by doing this matey, Ill give you so many viruses it will make ancient Babylon look like playgroup. your no better than those cheese eating surrender monkeys across the pond, you will feel the full wrath I curse you from this tosh to the slag you romp every fortnight. You will taste fish and chips for eternity, your teeth will surely rot and you wank will fall off because you are not a beak, you are not a judge, you are just a no good word panderer with one good eye. Prepare matey, prepare.


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On a side note I just found out you can go into admin and delete the URL linked to their screen name.  My bad dude #LOL.


Socket Madness

This poem was submitted by the poet that goes by the moniker of "French Tree"

Electric vultures 
Flocking to the source
Plugging into the power
Scrambling to connect
To stay connected
The albatross swoops through
Your flight is boarding
Enter the void

© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​

(Inspired by an episode of finally being released after being stuck in the middle 
seat of a plane, stationary on the runway for 3 hours in a rainstorm:)


This poem was submitted to Modern Linguistics

By the poet: Blazo.

They still profiling, Internets a wild thing.
Brain mapped out, information compiling.
Data mining, down to hair styling.
Do you care no, got that shit on the go.
On demand service, worlds a circus.
Run by big wigs, pigs with a purpose.
Taking what you got, freedoms you fought.
All that blood spilled for what?
Give it right back, no question.
Now you got a fear erection.
Take that to the ballot box.
Politicians dumb as rocks.
Hillary shady complexion.
Oh yeah, f**k the election!
© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​


It’s The Sea

This poem was submitted to Modern Linguistics

By the poet: Effed.


On pace like the bullet train
Faster then a cow on sake
The birds will fly again
But, only if you let them
There will never be a gem like you
In all the caverns
You would have to come to mine

Robots on acid
Robots on acid
Robots on acid
We'll never find our way
But, only if you'll let us

Its not whats in space
It's whats around
I'm tired of the ground
Dragging me down

Chlorinate and then
Cleanse yourself
In the infinite pool
Of what's left

© 2016 Jfreshly Modern Linguistics Song Blog. All Rights Reserved.​


Peppercorn Jelly Bean

Bring the HYPE!!!

Walden Drive

we started a little slow
but now here we go

eyes close
spirit grows
words flow
river smoke
partial audience knows

those who do
thank you
for keeping it real
and keeping it fresh
for keeping it really J fresh
nally fresh even

ingredients of the mind
swirling in a boundless vat
waiting patiently to be picked from the aether for the perfect time

peppercorn jellybean

it’s your turn!
the moment you’ve been waiting for!
you slide right in
your existence is complete

watch and learn
perfect the craft
practice the art
of freeing your mind
letting thoughts ricochet off melting walls
in cranium we trust

a smile
you realize the natural high
you’re clever
nothing is better
than this
bobbing and rhyming to beats, swiss
every round counts

the match is over
the beat stops
pairings are up
another drops
your hearts racing
we’re back again
another session
of who…

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Rocket Ship

Rocket Ship

One New England night, my cousin, German Shepherd, and I went for a stroll through the raging blizzard and stopped in front of an all-women’s college dorm to erect this giant snow sculpture.
A pair of adventurous girls passed our winter workshop en route back to their home base. One asked, “Is that a rocket ship??”
Yes. Yes, that is a rocket ship.