The Regurgitation of Words


The walls of my mind are caving in

Claustrophobia is setting in

As instrumental beats are played in the streets

We walk in unison with the swagger

To spit hot jelly out of the thin air

Alphabetic anonymous

Randomness hypotheses

Merchant scrolls delivered by

Flying hippopotamus (Better known as the Phelddagrif)

Thee memoirs of dreams

Resemble stardust


Into the prospects of the future

Sudden vertigo

A cold sweat

Awaken to a grip of claimed pennies

Earned throughout the duration of the realness

Thrown into the fountain of many wishes

On a whim of seduction

I dream of genies but seek words with meaning

Hope is a powerful thing.

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He was a savior
When he passed
The people of this land
Became poor in some aspects
He gave his life, his knowledge, and his ambient thoughts
To create an exodus
Contrived of the demons of man
In a time before currency
In a world before
The word destitute
Had come to fruition.
B.C. (Before Hey Zeus!)
Entwined in the dark matter
Karma had been laced
A.C. (After Hey Zeus!)
Brewed thoughts of humanity
Transparency is key
Well noted by Sir Isaac
With every action
There is always opposed an equal reaction
Thus if you are
Kind, just, and willing to show compassion
Able to share inner properties
Then lucrative energy
Will shower your soul

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A sea of lightning bugs in the peripheral


A shaman reads the bones

Texts the meaning of life via cell phone

To make sense of it all

Listen to Waterfalls

The world can pass you by as you get older

Don’t get caught looking over your shoulder

Let the truth be told

We must live by some sort of code

To recharge batteries

A hike to the land of make believe

Walk beneath the canopy

Under the conveyer belt of seeds

In the summertime it gets really hot

So swim in phish piss a lot

Triangles are the language of the stars

Learn to read the sky if you want to heal these scars

They built it so we came

To the field of dreams

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