To the Honor of Palindromes


The aerial view of the sky

A picture perfect planetary azure

Outdoor scenery lush

In the reflection of the sun’s gaze

Color is a perception

Primary yellows and blues meshed into vibrant greens

As the symphony of autumn plays its sonnet

The woods transform

Into the autumn rainbow

It’s like a Thanks Giving Charlie Brown Episode

With every step

I pretend to hear lioness play his piano

With every step

The leaves below my feet sound like I’m chomping on peanuts

With every step

Sunlight glistens

The rush of water from the stream turns to a flow of starlight

The beauty of the moment triggers the thought of her smile

Soon I’ll see her lips…

Soon I’ll look into her eyes…

Soon we’ll enjoy fresh pizza pie…

Soon we’ll Netflix and chill…

In those hypothetical moments I’d find reflection

I’ll think to myself

On this day of our lord

I was in the right places at the right time…

To enjoy the elegance of the fall…

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The Autumn winds refresh
As I sit outside on a wicker bench
The hills are calling
The trails are calling
The world is calling
As I turn the pages of this book
While I relax in my little nook
I think to myself
It’s good to be a lyrical gangster

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Oh Dear How I Miss You


Oh dear how I miss you

That sweet caress as I’m snuggled with-in your bounty

Outside of this bed room where the air is crisp

Laced with the coming of winters chill

I walk in the woods solemn

The paintbrush of the creators is slowly dissipating

Underneath my hiking boots is the crunch of brown leaf decay

As I arrive at the overpass I take a gander across the lake

I imagine your face

The reflection of the waves become your eyes

The bare branches your hair

The sun beating in its glory

Is the guiding light to your heart

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