Anthem of a Microphone

Anthem of a Microphone

When the world hands you lemonade
Drink it
Don’t over think it
Cause it’s the little things that matter
And when it comes to laughter
Indulge in the natural epiphany
The chemical balance of creativity
Spontaneous in the essence
Of a well timed presence
Imagination is the foundation of power
Those who fear words
May one day become cowards
To feel the strength in this ambition
To spit mad diction
To grip the mic tightly
To make an audience show up nightly
Back to the basics
It’s time to look in the mirror
And face it
I believe
In the oath of the trees
In that warm breeze
In the randomness of a smile
My soul
Becomes freed
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Zansabar: the Curator of Hallucination’s Game House



Zansabar the Curator of Hallucinations and The Drunken Game-Master sit down for some afternoon tea.

In moments of zen

As they pretend

The wormhole activates in brain space

Zansabar the Curator of Hallucinations, “We’re in bat country!”
“Why have you not summoned the Wyvern?”
The Drunken Game-Master holds a NES Original Controller. Also, its important to note that he’s wearing the patented “Mythril Tank Top” (also referred to as a wife beater by the pundits of popular culture).

The Drunken Game-Master responded with a delightful request,”Pound cake and lemonade sire?”

Moments of hypothetical hysteria diffused by positive reinforcement
It’s an important lesson to be learned
When the bender is real
Deep discussion of theoretical significance

Recent topics include:
1. Baby porcupines still hurt when you try to hug them?

baby porcupine    It was decided through hours of random incantations of the English vocabulary that indeed even though a baby porcupine is very cute to hug one…really hug one…would be painful.

2. Cloudy hallways tended by lovable teddy bears in cars that run on cartoon clouds.

Skeltorcarebarecloud   This brought on many words which described the philosophy of ‘Cheer Bear’ vs ‘Grumpy Bear’ and the race of destiny.  It was finally agreed upon that ‘Grumpy Bear’ had the driving abilities to win the race but at the end of the day they’d both preferred to live the lifestyle of ‘Cheer Bear’.  For reasons that no one can remember.

3. Candy Land has run out of the gooey gooey gum drops.

KingKandy     Zansabar pulls a purple card and curses in the name of “King Kandy” the lost king of Candy Land.  For he is far behind in this duel of Land Candy.  The Drunken Game Master found a whistle and somehow has warped passed Candy Land World all together. The Drunken Game Master and Bowser be chillen at the castle having tea time with a real life princess!

Zansabar, “Purple square is a shot of adrenal gland…Right?”
A high stakes game of intake.
Are we here?
Are we part of something bigger?
Is there anybody out there? (Insert trippy music emoticon here.)
Over 50 shades of whiskey the conversation turns.
Holli Would gets off…of the Italian leather sectional and laughs.
Zansabar says, “Whats 67 inches by 55 inches and has 24 colored circles my dear.”
“Twister you say?” as she looks back over her shoulder.
This request is most reasonable.
I’ll require more martinis however.

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Rap Tight Throughout the Duration of Full Moon Hikes

Rap Tight Throughout the Duration of Full Moon Hikes

full moon

On the road to riches

Karma snitches

Time travel glitches

Pura Vida

She was the Costa to my Rica

Whatever the FAQ is

Questions that are frequently asked kid

When Jfreshly rap

It sounds like a natural reaction from far too much acid?

Get in the lab and perfect the madness

In an attempt to appeal to the masses

No matter whatever your craft is

Born into the land of capitalist fascists

We all try to amass a collection of the tightest assets

Take me to wherever the cash is

Ladies put on a show and shake those asses

Lonely dudes come-thru to see all that honey

Dollar bills in g-strings get all that money

No necesito pantalones por favor

And for all of those peoples that just don’t know me

It’s just a little bit of Spanish Ebonics for all of my homies

Feeling kinda live tonight

When the lightning crashes

When the blood rush flows

Reality of the hourglass quickly passes

A creature of habit

A true Samewise Gamgee on the automatic

Ever since I could pick up a book

I’ve been hooked on phonics

I read the cannabis grow bible

Now I’m hooked on the growth of chronic

Around my way I’m known as the hobbit

Horticulture was my major in college

Which led me to the discovery of hydroponics

The volcano vaporizes and In those moments I become Sonic

The haters of this world become represented by Dr. Robotnik

I chose to beat this game using Circular Logic

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Rough around the edges


Every day I wake up to birthday cake
but, still want more icing.
I’m all about equality
but, still wear Nikes.
Full of da good vibes
but, when I drive and people cut me off
I’m like fuck you fight me.
Try to balance a healthy lifestyle
though you can still find me in the Chick-Fil-A drive thru
ordering a number one of deep fried white meat.
Dig the good luv and still watch videos of
well endowed men exploiting women
like they were vikings.
I feel the sadness of Mother Nature
as corporations exploit her for capital gains
but, turn the other cheek
and I’m like fuck it lets go hiking.

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Ghost Quarter


Concrete blocks

House mathematical bots

Collect percentages

Skim off the top

Standards that sit idly by

Grip a big gulp of tokens

With a fear of abandonment

Primordial Ooze demands

Cultured bag of chemicals


Aggressive denomination output

Variance is key

Generation Next

Could mutate and escape

Immune to the wheel of hamsters

Close the curtain on this dead city

The Phat Lady Is Singing in the Shower

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In the recessions of the deep

How many leagues down will you fathom

 Burning desire emanates from the esophagus

Years of repressed thought

Success, happiness, love all a delusion

Subconscious is maintained and facilitated by imagination

SLIMER: I’m not afraid of no ghosts (One of the best ghosts in the world created in the Ghost Buster Franchise)

Lovable green ooze from a time of innocence

Travels from the unconscious to the subconscious

Ghost whisperer

Has determined

Laziness is the drug

Desire then becomes pain

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Jelly and Peanut Butter Sandwiches




This peanut butter be jiggly



This jelly be jiggly

In between two pieces of whole wheat bread

Devoured deliciously

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Iggly (のりまき, Norimaki) is a jock penguin villager. As a jock villager, he will appear friendly and competitive towards the player. His English name is based on the word “igloo”, and his catchphrase is based on “waddling”, the way that penguins walk. His Japanese name refers to a type of sushi, which may or may not contain fish, as well as the common Japanese name, “Noriaki.” He debuts in Animal Crossing: City Folk, and reappears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.