Foodie Apocalypse

Foodie Apocalypse

Squash the beef
Don’t Stroganoff for keeps
Knuckle sandwiches
Filled to the brim
With menacing meats
Cold cuts
Designed to perfection
Hide the salami (In the belly of course after a nourishing meal)
With the best intentions
Organic is all the rage
Canines cut through the rations
The hunger fades
Spilt milk on a open platter
Alphabet soup spells out disaster
After the All Suns’ Dawn
In a bowl of dust
Farmers fight over the earth’s crust



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Italian Cold Cut devoured by Jfreshly (Spinach, Cucumbers, Light Pickles, Light Onions, Tomatoes, Oregano, Parmesan Cheese, Salt, Pepper, Light Honey Mustard, Olive Oil, On Wheat, Heated, These parenthesis were sponsored by WAWA)



Sirius: Climate Change Refugees


Nomadic Caterpillars amalgamate the vicissitude
Transformation of fascination
Nomadic Butterflies mirage into the oasis
The sky cries globes of round and spherical
Fields of legumes, tobacco, wheat, all open sesame
Perception of precipitation
The Sandstorm; On repeat
Brought on by Darude
The warming
Take heed to the lab coats warning
Gas hypothesized: release of carbon monoxides
Heated by the great magnifying glass in the sky
Indian Sun tomahawks sand dunes
Sand bar’s glazed by the sun’s razor edge
Amorphous state of the Badiyat al-Sham
Reflection of glass transmits, reflects, and refracts the light
Follows the current of the wind
Volatile hills that represent perpetual architecture
Nomadic Bedouin once happily traversed the super heated plains
Tended their farmsteads
Belly desires edibles of nutrients
The drought, the famine, and the great escape
Nomad-metamorphoses-city dwellers
Once kindred with the Nova of super power
Off to the concrete jungle in search of alms

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Did they not know

About the glacial melt ice flow?

Scientists lost control

Fortune teller could not see

Ancestral vision of the next generation

Confidential Hypothesis

Government blinded by


Price of progress

Climate acceleration thesis

Incubation of gases

Carbon foot prints

Created by

Zombies in cubicles

Forced out of their paper cages


Environmental migrants


Unsustainable habitats


The hydraulics

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