Memory Lapse




Memory Lapse

Inevitability on the edge of reality.

Somewhere at the intersection of duality.

It was the year that leaped over

a nest of cuckoo’s.

Tic Tok goes the clock.

The journey is non-stop.

Time is the loop.

The speed of light is the duration

relative to universal expectation.

Days become a time lapse of the Picasso.

Nights become a blink of an eye.

Glimpse into the unthinkable

as a rubber band of expansion retracts.

On the outskirts of dimension

the way is continuously milky

dipping into the hour of zero.

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This poem was inspired by time relative to age.  When I was younger I thought the days would never end.  The nights would last forever.  The older I get the shorter the season.  Days feel as automated as a breathe of air.  The nights vanish into sunrise. 


The Red Maple




A grand maple tree
stands in the midst of a concrete jungle
Cigarettes to burn
as the world turns
Martinis consumed in the elegance
As well rounded philanthropists
are caught up in the element
Level of intoxicity reached
Current events transition into the irrelevant
The DJ spins trance
Spirits blossom in the dance

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The Red Maple night club has closed and in the grand finale I stood with the tree.  I closed my eyes while holding the limbs and found a deep meditation.  This tree has heard many of the nights whispers. It has seen young lovers kiss, heard secrets and kept them in the shadows, and watched over the patrons of this fine establishment since its conception.  It was an honor to dance for you…stand with you…let the druid speak as the winds gush.  You are loved.





In a den

Of Maryland

Known as

Loch Raven

Where the trail is on fire

Let the water flow

Underneath the bridge

 Zest of life

Hidden from

The concrete mire

I must confess


So we don’t expire

Time is money

Money is power

Power is an illusion

I live by the credo

Recycle and avoid pollution

Kindness is passion

Follow what you believe in

Anything can happen

In the winter

On this trail

I sit on a log

Listen to the current

Momentum beats against rock

The sounds flourish

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May you find peace in the woods my friends.

A Jelly Fish in the Wind

A Jelly Fish in the Wind

Vibration of the groove

Tentacles Produce old school nostalgia

New school vinyl the variance of rhythmic ratios

Played on ridges covered in atmosphere

As glass animals let out of their cages

Drop into the trenches of marinara sauce

Sea floors; To watch feet move in the current

The range overlooks the grind of the sentimental

Ideas of the Ink Panther

Felt tip pen of the maritime

Documentary: The Coral Jungle Ascendancy

Surpasses the cultural exchange

Pulse of the crosswinds

Loneliness of the timeless

The phantom: Lost in the distance

Vast pin drops in the long sprint

A man who is revered yells, “The jelly is coming.”

A conch plays sound-waves in the echo

Stories on the scrolls of lost sea salt

Legacy of the transparent exoskeleton

The heart of Atlantis revealed

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Sirius: Climate Change Refugees


Nomadic Caterpillars amalgamate the vicissitude
Transformation of fascination
Nomadic Butterflies mirage into the oasis
The sky cries globes of round and spherical
Fields of legumes, tobacco, wheat, all open sesame
Perception of precipitation
The Sandstorm; On repeat
Brought on by Darude
The warming
Take heed to the lab coats warning
Gas hypothesized: release of carbon monoxides
Heated by the great magnifying glass in the sky
Indian Sun tomahawks sand dunes
Sand bar’s glazed by the sun’s razor edge
Amorphous state of the Badiyat al-Sham
Reflection of glass transmits, reflects, and refracts the light
Follows the current of the wind
Volatile hills that represent perpetual architecture
Nomadic Bedouin once happily traversed the super heated plains
Tended their farmsteads
Belly desires edibles of nutrients
The drought, the famine, and the great escape
Nomad-metamorphoses-city dwellers
Once kindred with the Nova of super power
Off to the concrete jungle in search of alms

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Djembé Mutumbo

Everyone gather together in peace
Dance to the music and move your feet
A story from the heart is the tale
Let happiness and peace prevail
As Phalanges cut through the air with precise rudimentary
Music heals the soul and keeps the heart from perpetual penitentiary
A bongo from the Congo
A bongo from the Ivory coast
A bongo for the people
A bongo for hope
In the wide open music halls of Africa
Skilled drummers can be heard through out the Savannah
Stories are told of musical animal evolution
For it was chimpanzees that may have started the percussion revolution
Close your eyes and feel the wind
Play the beat and forget of your sins
Emotional status, energy sways, the souls give and take
Eased by the sounds that this drum creates
Walk in the woods
hold your Djembé with a strong grip
Seduce nature
With your fingertips

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Disgruntled Postal Worker


Suit and tie soiree

By the bay

Why hello there tonight I’ll be

He-man Master of the Universe

Frequencies of business minded philanthropist

I’m all alone here




I just want to interrupt the conversation

Speak in the pirate lingo I’ve become accustomed to

And ask them to wake the fuck up

But, maybe I’ve got it all wrong

This whole time

I’ve stunted my economic growth

If only I had bought into the system

While glaciers melt into a vat of mercury

Rain forests burnt to appease the hunger of men most likely named “Sneed”

Asphalt laid to serve the metal beasts

These addictions that put us in the precarious

Enter the course

So one day I can eventually pay for the divorce

The genuine walk into the woods

A respite anointed by the original

Never to return to communicate with those that have labeled themselves “civilized”

Whom have turned their backs on the mother of our nature

That schmooze over lager and fine wine

In this pool of energy

I sweat like a heated onion

Each word peels off a layer

And when the conversation stops

There is nothing left

Just torn pieces of my tears

Is it time to pick up the pieces and throw myself back into the fire?

Explode into the hostile environment

Known as legalized slavery

Uncle Sam

The tax man

Is eagerly awaiting my arrival with open arms.

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