Pears-Shake on a holographic Fruit Tree







A mirror of reflection hosts a pond of lilies.

Jagged rock eroded by time becomes smooth.

The great philosophers stone.

Currents of energy focus the meditation.

The mantra.

The almighty “Om”

Medium of the spirit.

As the Earth rotates,

an endless vibration occurs,

at the rate of constant.

Where are we going?

Someone is showing me the way but I’m not walking.

I have questions that need answers.

I hear voices no one’s talking.

Ticktock clock stops flowing.

Karma lines been broken down.

Kneel before him.

The shaman with no name.

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Questions asked by the fool.

  1. Are the dead grateful now that they have Mr. Garcia?
  2. Should you be Leary of men named Tim offering sugar cubes?
  3. Is it wrong to say “Betelgeuse” three times to gain entrance into the Netherworld?
  4. How about Candyman? (Not a chance…Dude was Scary as #@%$)
  5. If a poet streams his consciousness on a blog and no one reads it does it really exist?

These conundrums were philosophized Thoreaughly by a poet traversing the wilderness.




The Big Easy

Love is a fairy tale

Stories that travel to the moon and back

Girl you be just like gravity

Cause everything about you attracts

It’s me to you


It’s you to me

For eternity

Eternally, the witness

To view this gift given

Cupid’s arrow shoots through the air

A bond that pierces through the mist

Shakespeare on fire

Behind the curtains

Nipples caressed by fingertips

As her lips indulge in chocolates

Rose pedals wear fresh linens

The motions of emotions

As my boys prepare to swim

All signs go and then the launch

Life is beautiful

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You have the most beautiful face


Do you realize?
How I long for you
Sea of green
The long walk in the forest
Find the great sitting stone
Centered by the pond
Overlooks the waterfall
Deep Thoughts (Not by Jack Handy)
I held a lover here once
And before me
Other lovers embraced here
For its a beautiful place
To say various humorous things
For no other reason then
To enjoy the look on her face

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Gay Cows


It was back in the day when Chik-Fil-A

Admitted they opposed gay marriages

Three blind mice on capital hill

Defense of Marriage Act

Proved they were STRAIGHT up savages

What would our children think

If they went to our parks

Only to see couples of the same sex

Pushing empty carriages

A fathers disappointment

Keeps skeletons in closets

Back in the day

On the streets of Baltimore

There was no love for faggots

Nowadays you can go to Mt. Vernon

Lovers of the same sex walk hand in hand

Who openly share the same mattresses

Who are we to judge

The decision of the double helix

Life is to short

Love whomever you want

If that is how you feel it.

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