The Big Queef

The Big Queef

A wind gust
blows against my balls.
The smell, is where
the trouble started.
I realized she had just farted.

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Flower Blossoms Wither in the Growl


This photo was taken days before the “Battle of Bastards”

A letter delivered via raven transcribed


My sweet flower.

My delightful piece of Brie.  (Brie cheese is a tasty delight don’t you think?)

My Love,

where art thou?

Without you by my side its

a perpetual state of ground hogs day (Bill Murray was great in this movie.)

I had hoped you would

have reached out to me

by this hour.

I miss watching the fear in your eyes

wash away at one glance into

my fierce mug (Mug in this reference is not a drinking apparatus but in actuality is a slang term for face.)

Desire; Submissively allow claws to gently clench

against your flesh as a reminder.

This nightmarish dream of vertigo

turns into warmth as you

fall into my arms…said the wolf.

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Zansabar: The Chronicles of Jiffy Pop

Zansabar: The Chronicles of Jiffy Pop


The year was 20infinity.
The great mutation.
Tables periodically change.
Traditional rain droplets are now outlawed.  (A billboard advertises the popular propaganda H2-No)
A scientist that goes by the moniker of Orville has programmed cyber kinetic forms of h2-yes into the atmospheric motherboard.
The zone known as O has run a muck.
Robots of advanced technological language set out to the mechanical sea.
There is a buttery tint in the air.
A storm of kernels is brewing.
The sound of thunder brings on
an onslaught of lightning.
The derivative; fluffy popcorn.



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The Red Maple




A grand maple tree
stands in the midst of a concrete jungle
Cigarettes to burn
as the world turns
Martinis consumed in the elegance
As well rounded philanthropists
are caught up in the element
Level of intoxicity reached
Current events transition into the irrelevant
The DJ spins trance
Spirits blossom in the dance

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The Red Maple night club has closed and in the grand finale I stood with the tree.  I closed my eyes while holding the limbs and found a deep meditation.  This tree has heard many of the nights whispers. It has seen young lovers kiss, heard secrets and kept them in the shadows, and watched over the patrons of this fine establishment since its conception.  It was an honor to dance for you…stand with you…let the druid speak as the winds gush.  You are loved.



Happy Umbilical Cord Release Day




I was a fetus once


In a 1980’s shoe box

Proof of infancy

A remembrance

Units of parental guidance

Have provided refreshments

As the light is dimmed


On top of a moist Betty Crocker

The seance begins

Nursery rhymes

Endorsing happiness

Someone cut the cord on this shindig

I think I’m going to need a drink.

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Birthday repost (It is my birthday and I’ll repost if I want to)

One Percent

One Percent


It’s a sad day in Mudville,

the early bird has caught the worm.

A coalition of neck ties strangle

a regime of white collars.

Loafers eagerly seek pennies while

marching on a street made of walls.

You can still hear the echo of the starting gun

as a pig shaped nimbus slowly eats away at

the blue sky.

The American dream.

The few, the proud, the ones immune to the insatiable greed.

Ostracized by jargon of the democratic republic.

Free souls labeled hippies.

Those that would prefer to live among the trees.

Whom value the right of future generations to have fresh air to breath.

The credo:

Lifestyle is freedom.

Corporations who needs ’em.

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Writer’s Cock


Writer’s Cock

My brain is a zombie that feeds off words
which tends to daydream of signs that read
“Do Not Disturb”.
In moments of animalistic literary thought
basic instincts which can’t be taught.
Body parts prepare to show affection.
In laymen terms I believe it’s called a “Fear Erection”.
I’ve got one for that perfect sequence.
To prove I’m no jargon delinquent.
Drink a cup of wine and proceed to laugh.
The words morph into an image of a woman’s ass.
Maybe next week I’ll sit down to write.
Pen something really tight.
For now it’s all in my head
to obtain perfection is to pretend.

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