This poem was submitted to Modern Linguistics

By the poet: Blazo.

They still profiling, Internets a wild thing.
Brain mapped out, information compiling.
Data mining, down to hair styling.
Do you care no, got that shit on the go.
On demand service, worlds a circus.
Run by big wigs, pigs with a purpose.
Taking what you got, freedoms you fought.
All that blood spilled for what?
Give it right back, no question.
Now you got a fear erection.
Take that to the ballot box.
Politicians dumb as rocks.
Hillary shady complexion.
Oh yeah, f**k the election!
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Doubters be drinking dat


Pimps be wearing shoes dat

Gators made

Alligators be chillen in dat


Happy Gilmore days dat

Never fade

Mind erasers ( 2 ounces of vodka, 2 ounces of Kahlua® coffee liqueur, and 2 ounces of tonic water)

Boiler Makers ( One cold glass full of  Pabst Blue Ribbon ale, and one shot of Old Crow whiskey)

Served at a buffet of jimmies

A villa full of margaritas

Miss mamacita

Pleased to meet ya

Dr. Seuss

Intoxicated on the emotion of lust


Greatness on the cusp

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Anthem of a Microphone

Anthem of a Microphone

When the world hands you lemonade
Drink it
Don’t over think it
Cause it’s the little things that matter
And when it comes to laughter
Indulge in the natural epiphany
The chemical balance of creativity
Spontaneous in the essence
Of a well timed presence
Imagination is the foundation of power
Those who fear words
May one day become cowards
To feel the strength in this ambition
To spit mad diction
To grip the mic tightly
To make an audience show up nightly
Back to the basics
It’s time to look in the mirror
And face it
I believe
In the oath of the trees
In that warm breeze
In the randomness of a smile
My soul
Becomes freed
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The Regurgitation of Words


The walls of my mind are caving in

Claustrophobia is setting in

As instrumental beats are played in the streets

We walk in unison with the swagger

To spit hot jelly out of the thin air

Alphabetic anonymous

Randomness hypotheses

Merchant scrolls delivered by

Flying hippopotamus (Better known as the Phelddagrif)

Thee memoirs of dreams

Resemble stardust


Into the prospects of the future

Sudden vertigo

A cold sweat

Awaken to a grip of claimed pennies

Earned throughout the duration of the realness

Thrown into the fountain of many wishes

On a whim of seduction

I dream of genies but seek words with meaning

Hope is a powerful thing.

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Breathe into the bar

Could you please pass the chronic?

Would you like to hear Shakespeare on hydroponics?


Its Donnie Darkoisms

Mind power shared

Energy and Fate

Moments like these we share

Metaphysical handshakes.

Boys and girls have the same habits

of going to the bar and looking for Jessica Rabbit.

What goes up must come down

She yells

Moments like these we make Sir Isaac Proud.

Do you feel like dancing?

A bit of Rhythm Romancing?

There is something about her eyes that is so enchanting.

Its all I have ever loved,

All I have ever known,

All I have ever wanted,

All I have condoned.

I was split from the rift.

Freed from the real.

To come to find out this world is all about sex appeal.

I never went for the women in high heels.

Its the Jeaninne Garafolo’s

and on my tombstone


It took laughter to heal this soul.

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This is a re-post:  I recently watched the new season of “Wet Hot American Summer” via Netflix and decided it was a good time to share this poem again.  This was one of the first poems I posted on Modern Linguistics. Initially this was a freestyle that incubated inside of me and came out as poetic goo.  Once in a while I’ll still rock this out during a jam session.

Rap Tight Throughout the Duration of Full Moon Hikes

Rap Tight Throughout the Duration of Full Moon Hikes

full moon

On the road to riches

Karma snitches

Time travel glitches

Pura Vida

She was the Costa to my Rica

Whatever the FAQ is

Questions that are frequently asked kid

When Jfreshly rap

It sounds like a natural reaction from far too much acid?

Get in the lab and perfect the madness

In an attempt to appeal to the masses

No matter whatever your craft is

Born into the land of capitalist fascists

We all try to amass a collection of the tightest assets

Take me to wherever the cash is

Ladies put on a show and shake those asses

Lonely dudes come-thru to see all that honey

Dollar bills in g-strings get all that money

No necesito pantalones por favor

And for all of those peoples that just don’t know me

It’s just a little bit of Spanish Ebonics for all of my homies

Feeling kinda live tonight

When the lightning crashes

When the blood rush flows

Reality of the hourglass quickly passes

A creature of habit

A true Samewise Gamgee on the automatic

Ever since I could pick up a book

I’ve been hooked on phonics

I read the cannabis grow bible

Now I’m hooked on the growth of chronic

Around my way I’m known as the hobbit

Horticulture was my major in college

Which led me to the discovery of hydroponics

The volcano vaporizes and In those moments I become Sonic

The haters of this world become represented by Dr. Robotnik

I chose to beat this game using Circular Logic

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Peanut Butter Masquerade

*Alert*  If you’re not completely comfortable with your sexuality DO NOT.  I REPEAT.  Do not proceed with this post.

This is a freestyle to a beat in collaboration.



Here is the original beat.

I’ve posted it here to help celebrate the potential of your fabulous freestyle career.

This is your chance to spit

Flow lyrically

Allow yourself to laugh at yourself

Speak in a foreign tongue

Sponsored by Webster’s


Nutty JIF

Spread on mounds of venus

Thai Peanut Sauce

Poured over privates

In the pursuit of getting laid

Closet door conceals a hunger

That can’t be ignored

Claws delve

Flood gates lift

The republic of labia

Is open for business

Cat like reflexes

Kitty Meows

She moans

As a sandpaper tounge

Grips lips

Stop and pop

The pink love cave


It’s amazing how women’s nakedness effects us

Peanut Butter Masquerade

Peanut Butter Masquerade

Mutha Fuka What

Peanut Butter Masquerade

Peanut Butter Masquerade

Mutha Fuka What

The things you do for the good love

The most important sex organ

Is the brain

In this madness

She’s got me throbbing

Indian style

Basking in the glow of a candle

Covered in flame

Fiery red against skin


Surrounded by wax

Eye witness to the scandal

Holding my Walter Conkrite

In a moment of monstrosity

Staring into crazy Asian eyes

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