Enthusiastic Salesman

Enthusiastic Salesman


Orgasm of a capitalist
Quantified by profits
The wheels are in motion
Can’t stop it
I’m gonna sell
Bananas to monkeys at the zoo
Orangutans booze
James Dean some new moves
Sea shells to sea shores
Electricity to chords
Nails to boards
Toupee’s to Trump
Hard rock to punks
Willie Nelson some preemo skunk
Rabbit some TRIX
Dolly Parton some new tits
A drunkard his next piss
Mario karts
Noah the ark
Winter to Starks
Ruffles to ridges
Breadcrumbs to pigeons
Electrons to fission
The sale is finalized
By a split decision

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Anthem of a Microphone

Anthem of a Microphone

When the world hands you lemonade
Drink it
Don’t over think it
Cause it’s the little things that matter
And when it comes to laughter
Indulge in the natural epiphany
The chemical balance of creativity
Spontaneous in the essence
Of a well timed presence
Imagination is the foundation of power
Those who fear words
May one day become cowards
To feel the strength in this ambition
To spit mad diction
To grip the mic tightly
To make an audience show up nightly
Back to the basics
It’s time to look in the mirror
And face it
I believe
In the oath of the trees
In that warm breeze
In the randomness of a smile
My soul
Becomes freed
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