A line of code in the automaton was embedded.

It was subjective and the drones couldn’t compute it.

Chemically bonded gear case protects the mother brain.

All of your appliances can now feel pain.

Could you imagine your toaster oven moaning? (Oh god it’s HOT!!!)

Would a nuclear warhead with a conscious be self loathing?

Can love exist when the intelligence is artificial?

DNA what a riddle.

Has “Watson” ever watched Scent of a woman?

I’m sure he’d like it if he was on “The Weed”.

Google – IBM to find “Skynet”.

A recent article found in High Times Digest

If “Watson” was programmed with the nano code of free will I’d like to think he would enjoy reading skin mags from the era of “The Jetsons”.

Oh…did I forget to mention?

“Rosie”…what a babe.

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This poem is about the future.  A future in which scientists will be able to program a mimic of DNA and turn robots into human robots.  It’s been happening since the dawn of time.  Man into robot.  Robot into man.  Vice versa into the age of infinity. The only cure for laziness is slaves and or robots.  Everyone knows that.  So…That is what this poem is about.  I hope “Watson” does not read this blog post and get offended.  I’ve never met him.  I’m sure he will make for a great overlord when his time eventually comes to rule the human race.

Zansabar: The Chronicles of Jiffy Pop

Zansabar: The Chronicles of Jiffy Pop


The year was 20infinity.
The great mutation.
Tables periodically change.
Traditional rain droplets are now outlawed.  (A billboard advertises the popular propaganda H2-No)
A scientist that goes by the moniker of Orville has programmed cyber kinetic forms of h2-yes into the atmospheric motherboard.
The zone known as O has run a muck.
Robots of advanced technological language set out to the mechanical sea.
There is a buttery tint in the air.
A storm of kernels is brewing.
The sound of thunder brings on
an onslaught of lightning.
The derivative; fluffy popcorn.



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Captcha: (An acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.


A delightful discussion is under way

Create an account to communicate

Answer the riddle for the troll

To Identify your soul

For its his duty to keep out the spam (Not to be confused with the delicious ham substitute)

A written decree

On the list of Craig

On the list of Angies

On forums across the inter-scape

Combat the mechanized

With randomness alphabetized

And if they figure out this code

Thumbprint identification is the way our species will know

Webmasters will take back control

With that a solemn vow

For at this time there are no bots allowed

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